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Ouran Parody LJ community

parody of Ouran Host Club whee

Ouran LJ Parody Community
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This is the Ouran Koukou Host Club LJ parody started by three girls on crack, namely nanami27, chezzu, and tanteicchi. Basically this LJ community is for (crack) role-playing your chosen Ouran character, be it one of the Host Club members or a random fangirl. XD Read on to learn more~

Basic "story"

The Hitachiin twins have discovered the world of LJ Communities! So, they've started an LJ Ouran Host Club Community of their own where Ouran Host Club members, patrons, and random fangirls can post their innermost sentiments. XD Now they can communicate more than ever and strengthen ties. Or whatever. :P


Rules? What rules? Oh! Er, right.
  1. You can ONLY post with your chosen character.
  2. You can't role-play a character that's already chosen.
  3. You can only play up to 3 PERMANENT characters: 1 main character and 2 others (2 original characters, 1 original character + 1 minor character, or 2 minor characters).
  4. Original characters can be anyone: a teacher, fangirl/boy, or heck, even someone named mori_on_drugs or OOC_Kyoya or something. Amuse us. XD
  5. Aside from the three permanent characters, you also get to have two TEMPORARY characters, which can be a main or secondary character existing in either the anime or manga, or an OC. You will only be allowed to play your temporary characters for as long as someone else does not claim them.
  6. If your temporary character(s) is (are) claimed as PERMANENT characters, you are required to give the username and password of the temporary character to the new player.
  7. Please take note that you can only claim a temporary character if you are playing it as a PERMANENT character. In other words, you CANNOT claim a temporary character of someone else and make it your own temporary character.
  8. Please direct any more questions about TEMPORARY and PERMANENT characters at the ouranparody_ooc community.
  9. Original characters, as much as possible, please make an introductory post! Main characters can opt not to, but don't you want to know how the others will greet you? lolz~ XD
  10. You MUST POST at least ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS with any of the characters you RP, either in their personal journal or in the community. Exception is if you posted a hiatus or notice at the boards that you will be inactive for a period of longer than two months.
  11. Inactive members (i.e: members who failed to post with at least one of their characters within the span of two months) will be first given a notice before they are taken off the list and their characters made available again.
  12. A person who has dropped a character must keep the character's LJ for future RP-ers of that character.
  13. Likewise, a person who wants to claim a dropped character must use the old character's LJ. Kindly coordinate with the former player of the character you wish to claim.
  14. A former player has no say in who gets to play the character he or she dropped; the approval of characters is done solely by the mods.
  15. Previous players of dropped characters MUST give the username and password of the CHARACTER JOURNAL the new player is claiming. No if's and but's.
  16. Don't take attacks personally! Whatever is said in the board is only said to the character, not to YOU.
  17. Likewise, don't use this community to insult the actual person role-playing the character!
  18. Be as random as you can be. XD
  19. Yaoi, yuri, het, and jokes bordering on the R-rating are all welcome. XD

So how do we start?

  1. Well first you have to inform us that you're taking a character. XD Please post in the OOC Community, ouranparody_ooc! :D First come, first serve.
  2. If a character's already taken, then obviously you can't claim him/her anymore.
  3. When we've ok-ed you (ie: when we've approved you to post), you create a new LJ for that character
  4. Then you can post and have retarded fun, whee~! XDDD
  5. Oh, and if your LJ name is a bit too odd, please inform us of your username so we don't reject you by accident. Thanks! :D

List of taken characters

The taken characters list is here! :D



What else?

Ouran Koukou Host Club and all its characters are NOT OURS! They're copyright of the goddess that is Bisuko (Bisco) Hatori. We do NOT have any contact whatsoever with Bisuko Hatori, or else we'd be pestering her to make Hikaru/Kaoru competely and utterly CANON. Likewise, neither of us is Bisuko Hatori, or else we wouldn't be role-playing like retards on crack. XD
Inspiration: fallen_star_rp (So we're, like, pirated... only with, like, Ouran characters. XD)